Well Completion and Stimulation Chemicals

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The leader in Well Completion and Stimulation Fluids Procurement. Your crude oil well is only as good as its throughput. Ensure its operating efficiency with Zeconia’s well completion and stimulation fluids. Our proprietary drilling and completion fluids reduces the risk of damage to your well, while increasing its productivity. Whether you need air and water, mud or specialty completion fluids, our quality products can meet your most challenging completion and stimulation operations.Optimize your performance and cut your costs. Efficient and eco-friendly completion and stimulation chemicals are:

– Compounds of Glycols (Mono-Ethylene Glycol MEG, Di-Ethylene Glycol and Tri-Ethylene Glycol TED)
– Cross-linkers
– Friction Reducers
– Scale Dissolvers
– Cement Spacers
– Corrosion Inhibitors
– Anti-sludge additives
– Breakers
– Foamers and defoamers.

Take advantage of our groundbreaking oilfield completion and stimulation chemicals products and services. Contact us to hear how our well stimulation and completion chemicals will lower your costs and maximize your productivity

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