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Our projects and modifications competencies offer our clients flexible technological solutions, ranging from engineering to construction services and project management. Our highly skilled project management team work together with clients to ensure seamless project delivery.


Zeconia provides innovative basic solutions engaging a dynamic team and utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies.

We provide construction and installation services by deploying a wide range of engineering solutions across all disciplines; optimizing processes and targeting project specific resources to deliver results that meet the needs of our client.

Our team is comprised of talents that have demonstrated technical excellence and outstanding performance on many projects, utilizing the best available resources to guarantee execution in adherence to scope, within given timelines and within budget

The scale, technical complexity and financial demands of today’s projects require construction services with comprehensive solutions, field tested execution tools and systems that mitigate risk and deliver predictable results.

Our construction operations are led by veteran construction professionals who apply experience and proficiency to achieve consistent and predictable results. We translate our culture of excellence right from pre-construction and constructability planning that seeks out the most efficient construction approach throughout the project, to completion driven tools that promote schedule certainty. We plan, construct and manage tailor made facilities to the needs of our client and manage commissioning and handover.

Our Engineering team is fully dedicated to delivering full value construction from concept to commissioning while maintaining a safety record that is unrivaled in the industry. We ensure that our construction services provide competitive prices, schedule accountability and long-term value.

Our capabilities include fabrication and construction of the following; Buoys, Platforms, Flowlines, Modules, Link bridges, Accommodation units, Skids, Piles, Jackets, Boat Landing, Subsea Structures, Storage Tanks, Pipelines and Flowline, Pig Launchers and Receivers

Zeconia’s project management team has broad, hands-on experience across all aspects of onshore and offshore oil and gas industry.

We thrive on a project-oriented execution model that is built on experience, collaboration, integration, safety and quality. This consistent and structured approach to project execution allows us to be more creative and responsive in synchronizing parallel activities, allocating optimal resources, communicating effectively, mitigating risks and managing stakeholders.

Our approach is to effectively combine comprehensive in-house resources, regional assets, robust contracting strategy, diversity and depth of experience, a project-centered execution approach, consistent work processes, career development programs and uncompromising business ethics to deliver projects.

Zeconia serves as an instrument in helping businesses and organizations of various sizes and industries to manage corporate spend, increase savings, reduce costs, and maximize supplier relationships.

We endeavor to integrate all activities and resources to ensure success of project and client satisfaction.

We partner with clients by using their specific business objectives as a basis for creating customized solutions.

Zeconia provides clients with offsite and onsite fabrication and modifications with proven expertise to deliver on a compressed schedule to meet stakeholder interest with zero tolerance to quality and safety.
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