Operations and Maintenance

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We provide a responsive and reliable operations & maintenance service to our clients, using industry best practices to minimize cost and maximize returns on investment without compromising quality, safety or the environment


Our Material Handling flow racks, carts and shelving can be custom designed to fit whatever product you have a need to stack, rack and sort. Our expert engineering staff can provide custom, CAD-designed modular solutions to help you reduce material damage and improve your product flow to a maximum level of efficiency. Well-designed storage solutions also make materials easier to count and can save labour time and money.

Zeconia’s Material Handling solutions include custom-designed mobile carts that enable pre-kitting of material. This eliminates extra handling steps and improves materials accuracy. You can use the product to arrange, array, orient and locate parts for more efficient operations.

Our mechanical solutions enable operations to optimize production and maximum recovery. Our capacity includes; Setting and pulling plugs, opening and closing valves, shifting sliding sleeves, setting and pulling packers, cutting tubulars and fishing stuck tools.

Shifting from traditional intervention methods to our e-line mechanical solutions to provide multiple advantages like real-time feedback, surgical precision and improved accuracy.

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