Oil-Spillage Remediation

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Zeconia provides bio-remediation products which are natural and completely safe. 2-part products consisting of the following:

  • Bio-enhancement – Bioremediation enhancer liquid formulation which maximizes the ability of microbes to reproduce and thrive in a hazardous waste situation (in soil or water applications).
  • Bio-augmentation – Hydrocarbon digesting microbes in a dry form for remediating petroleum hydrocarbon waste.

Crude oil well and chemical spill remediation cleanup for the oil and gas drilling industry. The application is a simple and cost effective solution to oil & chemical spills that can keep your business in compliance with environmental regulations and reduce disposal and remediation costs.

When applied to oil spills, fuel spills, oily water and other petroleum hydrocarbon contamination, Zeconia hydrocarbon treatment effectively digests hydrocarbon waste while producing non-hazardous by-products. To date, our products and technology have been used to clean up crude oil, gasoline, diesel, MTBE and other petrochemicals.

How Does It Work?

Depending on the project type, conditions, initial contaminant concentration and clean-up target, Bio-remediation is added to the soil or water using in situ or ex situ techniques. Zeconia provides the framework for the microbes to directly metabolize contaminants and create enzymes for efficient conversion of contaminants to water, carbon dioxide and other non-hazardous substances such as fatty acids.Zeconia provides an efficient, safe for the environment, on-site treatment solution to many hazardous waste cleanups. Long-term liability from off-site transport and disposal is completely eliminated.

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